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 clean, delicious, sustainable energy to fuel your day

Vegan and Organic | No GMOs, Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, Soy, or Sugar


Complete plant protein blends that easily convert into creamy plant milk.

Like almond, oat, or soy milk, but better. Over twice as much protein, fiber, iron, and Vitamin B12, without any added sugars. EverLife gives you the nutrients that you are most likely to lack on a plant-based diet.

Unlike other plant protein blends/powders...

No coarse or grainy texture inadvertently designed to make you gag.

No processed fats, syrups, dextrins, lecithins, preservatives, or fillers. 


USA custom-made in a SQF certified facility and third party tested. Carefully curated for the best combination of smooth, refreshing taste and nutritional energy boost. 

It's clean, lean, and green.


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what can everlife do for you?

Organic Pea Protein

Organic Brown Rice Protein

Nutritional Yeast

Rebuild and Repair with

Complete, Vegan Protein

100%+ DV of Vitamin B12

Nutritional Yeast + Iron

Organic Plant Protein

Boost Energy Levels and Immune System

Organic Chicory Root Fiber

Organic Acacia Gum

Organic Guar Gum

Improve Digestion with Prebiotic Plant Fiber

invest now in your today and tomorrow.

An apple today is not the same as an apple from 100 years ago. Due to overfarming, pesticides, and chemicals used in industrial production, most of the produce we eat today has lost 20-40% of its original micronutrient value. By choosing organic options, you are not only supporting sustainable agriculture but also helping your body get the nutrients it needs.


Why plant protein? The human body needs a constant supply of protein every day to keep functioning. Scientific research has consistently found that consuming plant protein over animal protein promotes better long term health and reduces risk of death from heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases.


everlife protein


We wanted to create the perfect product that we would be excited to eat every day, made with real plant-based foods, free of hidden sugars, artificial additives, and processed fats. After extensive research and countless iterations, we finally arrived at our EverLife plant protein fiber blends. Designed to be smooth, versatile, and complete, the blends are the base formulas for our upcoming personalized nutritional shakes. We are delivering quality organic nutrition in the most convenient form so you can perform your best, whenever and wherever you are.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on the next steps of our mission! 

“let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 


our story

Shangri-Land International


We are a team of Harvard / Ivy graduates on a mission to share and transform healthy eating and nutrition around the world. We had always noticed that what we ate affected our mood, productivity, sleep, fitness, and complexion. But it wasn't until our parents were diagnosed with cancer and diabetes (all within the span of one year), that we finally realized how important our diet was to our mental and physical health.


Our EverLife line was thus born from our search for plant-based, organic, and delicious nutrition in our own lives, and for our friends and family. We live globally around the US, Europe, and Asia, and geared with our nutritional health background, aspire to bringing custom-made, quality nutrition to everyone, through a digital, cross-border platform. Our initiative, Shangri-Land International, draws inspiration from Shangri-La, a mystical paradise where people live years beyond the normal lifespan.

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